SE*Winnerdays PERSER & EXOTIC - 
Chinchilla, Silver and Golden

Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat and Big Blessing are CFA CHAMPIONS at the CFA SHOW in Stockholm Sweden 11-12 Jan 2014!!!


We have been competing ON OUR FIRST CFA SHOW, Stockholm Sweden 11-12 Jan 2014!!!

We brought Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat, Winnerdays Big Blessing and Yamacatos Goldy Grain with us.

-Winnerdays Big Blessing is now CFA CHAMPION and received the following RIBBONS:
2 ORANGE - 2nd in breed/division
6 BLACK - BEST in the colour class
3 WHITE - 2nd in colour class
9 BLUE - FIRST in the colour and sex
3 RED - 2nd in the colour and sex

                        Winnerdays Big Blessing 10 months

-WINNERDAYS AMAZING KINGDOMCAT is now CFA CHAMPION (shaded silver LH Exotic female 1 year 3 months) She was judge Brigitte Pepermans 3rd BEST IN BREED in ring 5. She received the following RIBBONS:
1 BROWN - BEST in breed/division!
4 ORANGE - 2nd in breed/division
12 BLUE - FIRST in colour and sex
5 BLACK - BEST in the colour class
7 WHITE - 2nd in colour class

                    Winnerdays amazing KingdomCat JW 15 months


Yamacatos Goldy Grain

12 Blue FIRST in colour and sex
12 Black BEST in the colour class

                              Yamacatos Goldy grain 7.5 months

Entries in Longhair Breeds/Divisions
There were 7 very nice cats in the silver and golden division (4 open, 1 CH and 2 GC) 
Totally 47 Persians (15 of them were kittens.) 
Totally 21 EXO (10 of them kittens). 
Total 73 Longhair Breeds but only 5 of them were NOT Persian or EXO. (on Sunday there were only one cat less)

Thank you Swedish Cat Paws for arranging this Show in Sweden!

Both Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat and Winnerdays Big Blessing are out of Korokat My Casanova X Görliss Daisy Duck. Thank you so much Kim Koroknay and Lise-Lotte Johansson for trusting me theese wonderful cats!



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