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Chinchilla, Silver and Golden

At the Scandinavian Winner Show (fife) in Norrköping Sweden 15 sept 2013


We have been at the Scandinavian Winner Show in Norrköping Sweden this weekend. Well organized by Östkatten. Big thanks to the arrangers and all the assistents :)

We brought Amazing Alice, Big Blessing and Jeppe with us. Me Petrus and Viktoria were staying in our mobile home (RV)

Alice was on her first show as an adult female only 11 months and did it great. She was the judges 2:nd best female and received her CAC. Big Blessing was doing really good as well and he as well became judge's 2:nd best among persians and exotics and Exl 1 and so did Jeppe as well, 2:nd best :) And he received his third CACS. 





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