SE*Winnerdays PERSER & EXOTIC - 
Chinchilla, Silver and Golden

Vi har kattungar till salu! 

Hej! Jag har inte jobbat med min hemsida på länge men har full verksamhet i min uppfödning. Just nu har vi flera kullar till salu ❤ 


SE*Winnerdays Devine Destiny has turned 5 weeks

Our beloved baby boy SE*Winnerdays Divine Destiny, black silver shaded, has turned 5 weeks. Hipp hipp hurray :)))

Already the most sweet, friendly and charming boy you can dream of! Love him so much  We are so blessed...


One of his feet is painted red because my friend, who is watching my kittens this week, shall know who is who in the litter of five.


Winnerdays Divine Destiny 3,5 week

Just want to share our latest babyboy. I think he is sweet as a girl...hihi... Black silver shaded, PER ns 11.

His daddy Frost was only 10 months while mating his mama :)) Divine Destiny has the same mother as GIC Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat JW has  

Divine Destinys great grandfather is my chinchilla male Supreme Champion Yamacatos Jewel Jetsetter (PER ns 12). I am so happy for that!

Sir: Yamacatos Fairy Frost EXO ns 11
Dam: CH Görliss Daisy duck PER ns 11

Our D-litter of five is born!!!

Our D-litter - the DIVINE litter - is here! We are so blessed and happy :):):) 

A very smooth delivery was taken place. All kittens were born in just some hours. One baby was only 53 gram though. She has had some very critical days. BUT Glory to God - she survived! Now she is gaining weight and can eat just by herself. 
On the picture the kittens are only a couple of hours.

Parents: CH Görliss Daisy Duck (the mother of Amazing and Big Blessing) x Yamacatos Fairy Frost (grandson of my chinchilla male Supreme Champion Jetsetter. 

BIG THANK YOU - Lise-LotteTinaStina and Erna for all good advices and support :))

Winnerdays Called & Chosen 4 weeks





Our strong chinchilla girl with awesome pedigree.
Looking so much forward to see her in my breeding program. She is out of Denmarks best silver male and Swedens best silver female 2013 :) 

Dam: CFA CH/FIFE GIC Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat JW x
Sir: NW SC DSM DVM Persefelis Jesse James 



SE*Winnerdays Called & Chosen is 3 weeks today!!!

Our babygirl Winnerdays Called & Chosen is turning 3 weeks today!!!

Dam: CFA CH/FIFE GIC Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat JW 
Sir: NW SC DSM DVM Persefelis Jesse James 

She gonna stay as our future breeding queen because of her pedigree :))


GIC Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat JW has become a mother!!!

Winnerdays Called & Chosen is here!!! A chinchilla girl with awesome pedigree. Looking so much forward to see her in my breeding program. She is out of Denmarks best silver male and Swedens best silver female 2013 :) 

Dam: CFA CH/FIFE GIC Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat JW x

Sir: NW SC DSM DVM Persefelis Jesse James 




Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat and Big Blessing are CFA CHAMPIONS at the CFA SHOW in Stockholm Sweden 11-12 Jan 2014!!!

We have been competing ON OUR FIRST CFA SHOW, Stockholm Sweden 11-12 Jan 2014!!!

We brought Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat, Winnerdays Big Blessing and Yamacatos Goldy Grain with us.

-Winnerdays Big Blessing is now CFA CHAMPION and received the following RIBBONS:
2 ORANGE - 2nd in breed/division
6 BLACK - BEST in the colour class
3 WHITE - 2nd in colour class
9 BLUE - FIRST in the colour and sex
3 RED - 2nd in the colour and sex

                        Winnerdays Big Blessing 10 months

-WINNERDAYS AMAZING KINGDOMCAT is now CFA CHAMPION (shaded silver LH Exotic female 1 year 3 months) She was judge Brigitte Pepermans 3rd BEST IN BREED in ring 5. She received the following RIBBONS:
1 BROWN - BEST in breed/division!
4 ORANGE - 2nd in breed/division
12 BLUE - FIRST in colour and sex
5 BLACK - BEST in the colour class
7 WHITE - 2nd in colour class

                    Winnerdays amazing KingdomCat JW 15 months


Yamacatos Goldy Grain

12 Blue FIRST in colour and sex
12 Black BEST in the colour class

                              Yamacatos Goldy grain 7.5 months

Entries in Longhair Breeds/Divisions
There were 7 very nice cats in the silver and golden division (4 open, 1 CH and 2 GC) 
Totally 47 Persians (15 of them were kittens.) 
Totally 21 EXO (10 of them kittens). 
Total 73 Longhair Breeds but only 5 of them were NOT Persian or EXO. (on Sunday there were only one cat less)

Thank you Swedish Cat Paws for arranging this Show in Sweden!

Both Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat and Winnerdays Big Blessing are out of Korokat My Casanova X Görliss Daisy Duck. Thank you so much Kim Koroknay and Lise-Lotte Johansson for trusting me theese wonderful cats!



Amazing Alice INTERNATIONEL CHAMPION at the World Winner Show (Fife) 26-27/10 2013 in Ålborg, Denmark

IC Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat JW was INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION today!!


Yamacatos Jewel Jetsetter received his last foreign CACS :))

Yamacatos Goldy Grain received Exl 1 and a super excellent judgement by Hanna Jensen :))


Down: Winnerdays Big Blessing received Exl 1

Winnerdays Big Blessing BIS Best in Show at Dalvälvskatten (fife) in Borlänge 28-29 september 2013

So happy that our junior boy Big Blessing was BEST in SHOW this weekend :)) He was nominated by judge Eva Porat on the Sunday. Thank you so much!! And he was NOM by Åsa Hammarlund on the Saturday.

Our princess Amazing Alice received her two CAC and was BIV on Saturday in hard competition. She became CHAMPION this weekend as well!!!

Jeppe was NOM on the Sunday, also by judge Eva Porat, but was beaten in the final. He ceived his 4:th and 5:th CACS this show(only four certificate left to Supreme Champion!)

Our new kitten Goldy was on her first show and did GREAT!!! She didnt like to be alone in her cage so she went over to her best friend Fifis cage ;) Goldy received exl 1 both days and a really really good judgement!




At the Scandinavian Winner Show (fife) in Norrköping Sweden 15 sept 2013

We have been at the Scandinavian Winner Show in Norrköping Sweden this weekend. Well organized by Östkatten. Big thanks to the arrangers and all the assistents :)

We brought Amazing Alice, Big Blessing and Jeppe with us. Me Petrus and Viktoria were staying in our mobile home (RV)

Alice was on her first show as an adult female only 11 months and did it great. She was the judges 2:nd best female and received her CAC. Big Blessing was doing really good as well and he as well became judge's 2:nd best among persians and exotics and Exl 1 and so did Jeppe as well, 2:nd best :) And he received his third CACS. 





Segerrik helg i Norge, Skien 27-28/7/Awesome weekend in Skien Norway

Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat Alice PER ns 11 blev BIS Best in Show både lördag och söndag i hårt motstånd i junior klass 11 i Norge i helgen. Vi är så jätteglada och stolta över vår fina lilla Alice :)

Winnerdays Big Blessing PER ns 11 blev NOM, dvs domarens bästa kattunge 3-6 månader klass 12 och fick superbra bedömning. Vår lille kung :)


Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat Alice received 2xBIS Best in Show class 11 in hard competition in Norway this weekend!!! We are very proud of our lovely girl :))

Winnerdays Big Blessing was NOM the judge's best kitten 3-6 monthes in class 12. He received a very good judging as well! Our little king :)

Så har Brilliant Boy, Baby Bell och Brave Becky flyttat till sina nya ägare/Three of the kittens has now moved to their new owners

Vi önskar nya ägare och kattungar LYCKA TILL och ett långt härligt liv tillsammans.

We wish the new owners and our kittens all the best and a great and joyful life together :)

Premiär ute på altanen/First time outside at the verandah

Så har vår underbara B-kull blivit 10 veckor gamla. Idag tog vi ut dem på vår veranda och oj vd de tyckte att det var kul! De busade runt i full fart och jagade små kryp och varandra såklart. Snart är det dags för de flesta av dem att flytta till nya familjer. Hoppas på riktigt fina hem till dem alla!

Our blessed B-litter has now turned 10 weeks. We took them outside for the first time in their lives and they loved it!!! They where running around like crazy trying to catch flies... and each other of course :) Today was the warmest day this spring in Sweden, around 26 degrees C. Wow soon summer will arrive!





Vår andra kull är född/Our BLESSED B-litter is born

Idag mellan 09-10.00 föddes Winnerdays andra kull!!!

Mamma Daisy var superduktig! Alla 5 var friska starka små knyten som föddes inom loppet av en timme :)))Första vattnet gick vid halv nio, värkarna satte igång så smått och sen var alla ute innan klockan var tio. Inga komplikationer tillstötte och Daisy tog till sig hela skaran direkt. Duktiga Daisy du är fantastisk!

Föräldrar: Görliss Daisy Duck och Korokat My Casanova


Today between 9 and 10 am Daisy delivered Winnerdays second litter!!!

5 healthy kittens was born in one hour. The water broke just before 8.30 and the first real contraction started short after. No complications encountered neither for mama or babies. Daisy took good care of the babies directly and let them breastfeed immediately. Daisy you are awesome!!!


Parents: Görliss Daisy Duck and Korokat My Casanova


Utställning Min Kattklubb i Kristianstad/Show in Kristianstad, Sweden, 23-24 Febr 2013

Tack så jättemycket till MIN KATTKLUBB för en välorganiserad och trevlig helg!

Och stort tack till alla domare!

Här kommer resultaten:

Amazing Alice:
Lör - NOM + BIV + EX 1 (3-6 mån)  Dorte Kaer - THANKS!!!!
Sön - BIS + BIV + EX 1 (3-6 mån)  JÖRGEN BILLING - THANKS!!!!

Lör - CAGCIB (vuxen hane) - Christiina Rautio
Sön - CAGCIB (vuxen hane) - Jörgen Billing

Casanova: Lör - CAGCIB (vuxen hane) - Dorte Kaer
Sön - CAGCIB (vuxen hane) - Jörgen Billing

Awesome Affe: Sön - Ex 1 (3-6 mån) - Jörgen Billing


Bilder ifrån Kristianstad....







Fantastisk utställning i Helsingör 9-10/2 2013/Great show in Denmark, February 2013!

Premiär för Winnerdays att ställa ut i Danmark!

Vill börja med att tacka alla arrangörer och domare för en väl arrangerad helg!

Vi hade med oss lilla amazing Alice, Casanova och Jeppe. Alla tre fick super bedömningar och lilla Alice knep 2xBIS (Yan Rocha-Folch och Raymond Saetre), Jeppe 2xNOM (Yan Rocha-Folch och Raymond Saetre) samt BIV och Casse tog lätt sitt första utländska CAGCIB.

BÅDE JEPPE och CASANOVA blev Internatinonal Champions denna helgen :))))

Mycket nöjda åkte vi hem söndageftermiddag efter en mycket segerrik helg!

Winnerdays FIRST show in Denmark!

First of all BIG thanks to the arrangers and judges for a great weekend!

We brought little Amazing Alice, Casanova and Jeppe with us. All of them got super judgings and little Alice took 2xBIS (Yan Rocha-Folch och Raymond Saetre), Jeppe 2xNOM (Yan Rocha-Folch och Raymond Saetre) and BIV and Casse received dhis first forreign CAGCIB easily.


We went home very satisfied on Sunday afternoon :)))



       2xBIS SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat ALICE, PER ns 11 (female 3-6 m)


             2xNOM + BIV Yamacatos Jewel Jetsetter PER ns12 MALE
                                  Judge: Yan Rocha-Folch nominated Jetsetter



Raymond Saetre and Casanova            Raymond LOVED Alice!!!


SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat Alice





    STORT TACK till Brian, Kattefotografen i Danmark :)


Alice och Affe 6 veckor/A-litter 6 weeks

SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat - "Alice"

SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat - "Alice"

SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat - "Alice"

SE*Winnerdays Awesome KingdomCat - "Affe"

SE*Winnerdays Awesome KingdomCat - "Affe"

Kattungarnas namn är nu beslutade :)/We have namned our kittens!

Idag har Casanovas och Daisys kattungar fått sina namn:

SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat Φ (Alice)

SE*Winnerdays Awesome KingdomCat σ (Affe)

Today our kittens "Alice and Affe" have received their names:

SE*Winnerdays Amazing KingdomCat Φ (Alice)

SE*Winnerdays Awesome KingdomCat σ (Affe)


    Amazing KingdomCat (Alice)                 Awesome KingdomCat (Affe)

Myspys med Alice & Affe, 2 weeks/Cozy time with Alice and Affe, 2 weeks :)

Idag fyller Alice och Affe två veckor :)))

Today Alice and Affe are celebrating 2 weeks :)))


Även Affe har öppnat sina ögon!/Affe's eyes are open too!

Och så har även Affe öppnat sina ögon. Han är bara för söt och 13 dagar gammal :))

And today Affe opened his eyes as well. He is sooo qute our 13 days old boy :))))

Alice har öppnat ögonen idag!/Alice has open her eyes today!

Idag öppnade Alice även öga nummer två. Hon fuskade fastiskt och öppnade det ena ögat lite redan igår :) Söt som socker!!!

Today Alice opened her second eye. She started to open one eye already yesterday :) She is sooo sweet our little Alice :)

Alice 12 days :)

Alice och Affe spinner!!!/Alice and Affe have started to purr!!!

Idag spann lilla Alice för första gången :)))) Så gulligt och så tyst, men ändå hörbart...Nu 7 dagar gammal.

Today our Alice started to purr for the first time :)))) So sweet and silent, but still audibly...Now 7 days old.

Bebisarna nu 3 dagar gamla/The babies are 3 days old

Idag är Daisys och Casanovas bebisar 3 dagar gamla och båda går fint upp i vikt. Mamma katt är fenomenal och sköter om sina små juveler på bästa sätt :))))

Today Daisys and Casanovas two babies turn 3 days and gain weigh very fast, more than expected. Mama cat is fenomenal and takes sooo good care of her babies :))))

Winnerdays första kull är född!/Winnerdays first litter is born!

Idag föddes Winnerdays första kull äntligen! Mammakatt var jätteduktig förstföderska och sköter nu lysande om sina små matvrak. Båda går fint upp upp i vikt, äter och sover precis som de ska. Vi tror att den mörkare av dem är tjej och den ljusare av dem kille ;)

Vi är så glada och tacksamma för dessa två fantastiska fyrbenta gåvor!


Today Winnerdays absolute first litter was delivered! Mama cat was doing great. She took care of the newborn babies immediately after they were born. They are gaining weigh like crazy, eating and sleeping. We think the dark one is a girl and the light is a boy... ;)

We are so happy and thankful for these two gifts!!!

Jeppe och Casanova - CHAMPIONS (FiFe) in Göteborg/Jeppe and Casanova - CHAMPIONS (FiFe)!


För andra gången detta året blir Jeppe och Casse Champions, fast denna gången i FiFe ;))) Utställningen arrangerades i Västra Frölunda, Västkustkatten 16/9 2012. Domare som dömde Jeppe var ..... och dömde Casanova gjorde Jörgen Billing



For the second time this year Jeppe and Casanova became Champions, but in the FiFe federation this time ;) The Show was arranged in Västra Frölunda by Västkustkatten 16/9 2012. The judge who judged Jeppe was.... and Casanova was Jörgen Billing.


Daisy är dräktig med Casanova/Daisy is pregnant with Casanova!

Vi är så lyckliga att kunna meddela att Daisy och Casanova nu väntar sin första kull tillsammans! Det är dessutom bådas första kull, så det är extra roligt :))) Heja Daisy och Casse... ni fixade det!!!! Casanova är bara 1 år och 3 månader :)

We are so happy to announce that we are expecting the first litter from Daisy and Casanova in the middle of October! It will be the first litter for both of them. WELL DONE CASSE AND DAISY!!! You made it... :) Casanova is only 1 year and 3 months :)

Casanova 1 year and 3 months

Daisy 2 years and 4 months


Jeppe NOM Best in Show/ Jeppe NOM in Helsingborg

Vi är så glada att Jeppe blev NOM båda dagarna på SkKK Internationelle kattutställning i Herlsingborg den 11-12/8 2012. Han blev båda dagarna slagen av samma röda World Winner Exotic hane. Vi är så stolta över Jeppes insats :))))) Båda två fick mycket fina bedömningar.

Både Jeppe och Casanova tog sina CAC certifikat i förbundet FiFe.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We are so proud that Jeppe was nominated to the Best in Show both days on SkKK International Cat Show in Helsingborg, the 11-12/8 2012. Both days he was beaten by the same red World Winner Exotic male. We are so proud of Jeppes effort :)))) Both of them got super nice judgings!

Both Jeppe and Casnova received their first two CAC in FiFe organisation! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Övergång från WCF till FiFe/Changing federation from WCF to Fife

Vi har slutligen bestämt oss för att byta kattförbund, från WCF (World Car Federation) till FiFe (Federation Internationale Feline). Anledningen är helt enkelt att utbudet av tävlingar på nära håll blir så oerhört många fler att välja på. Dessutom har vi bara en timme drygt till Danmark. Tyvärr är inte WCF aktiva där.

Vi kommer säkert att då och då ställa ut på WCF arrangerade tävlingar, då vi kan fortsätta att tävla där. Men från och med nu så är det framförallt FiFes som gäller. Vi har gått med i Skånes kattklubb och lämnar därmed Föreningen Hallandskatten. Speciellt tack till Ann Öberg för tiden hos er :)

Stort tack till alla vänner och arrangörer i HK, SNRF och ORKK för ert stora arrangemang!

Finally we have decided to change cat federation from WCF (World Cat Federation) to FiFe (Federation Internationale Feline) The reason is simply the range of shows is so much greater and closer to me in the FiFe. I live only about one hour from Denmark, where WCF is unfortunately not active.

We will continue compete now and when in WCF, but from now on we will mainly be on FiFe shows. We belongs now to Skånes Kattklubb and we have to say goodbye to Föreningen Hallandskatten. Special thanks to Ann Öberg for nice collaboration :)

Thank you friends ands arrangers in HK, SNRF and ORKK for your great commitment!

Scandinavian Winner Show Trollhättan/Scandinavian Winner Show 30/6-1/7

Jag och Viktoria har varit på utställning i Trollhättan denna helgen 30/6-1/7 med Jetsetter och Casanova. Det var Casanovas allra första tävling. Han tog sina första två CAC :))) Jeppe tog sina sista CACIB :))) Nu ska vi bara knipa ett utländskt CACIB också...Denna gången var det FHK tillsammans medföreningen SNRF som stod som arrangörer (WCF). Stort tack till alla involverade!

This weekend me and Viktoria has been in Trollhätan with Casanova and Jeppe. This is Casanovas first show. He received his first two CAC :))) Jeppe received his last two CACIB. Now we need to take the last CACIB abroad. The arranger of the show was this time FHK and SNRF (WCF). Big thanks to everyone who were involved! 

Viktoria framför Jeppes och Casses burar

Viktoria och Casanova i husvagnen

Sommaren är här/Ther summer is here

Nu inviger vi vår altan under tak :) Casanova och Daisy är överlyckliga. Här ska det fångas fjärilar och flugor!

Let me introduce our new porch under roof :) Casanova och Daisy are sooo happy. Come on, lets catch the butterflies and flies!

Casanova & Daisy

Jeppe Best of the Best 11/5 2012/Jeppe Best of the Best (BOB)!!!

Vilken helg!!! Första dagen blev Jeppe Domarens Bästa (NOM BIS), sen Bästa Hane kat 1, sen Bästa Vuxna kat 1, och sen Bästa Vuxna All Breeds och tillslut Bästa Totalt all Breeds. Vår Jeppe vann hela tävlingen!!! GRATTIS POJKEN!!!

Även andra dagen gick han ända upp i slutfinal, men blev denna dag slagen av en superfin Norsk Skogskatt.



What a weekend!!! The first day Jeppe was The Judge's Best (NOM BIS), then the Best Male, then The Best Male All Breeds, the Best Adult All Breeds and finally The Best of the Best all Breeds. Our Jeppe won the whole copmpetition!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

He also went to the last final day two but was beaten by a beautiful Norweigan Forest Cat.